Awards still detected when Type of Week configured as Fun Night

BLS is designed to detect Local and National awards for every week scores are entered regardless of how the week is configured in the Schedule.

Even though the week is configured as a Fun Week, it still can be considered as a league night of bowling and should not be excluded from National or Local Association awards if the games were bowled in the standard format.

However, it is also common for leagues to change format on the final night of bowling, such as no-tap, which would not be eligible for awards.

BLS has a method to designate games as not eligible for awards through over-rides, but there is not a way to configure games as eligible. As such, the program will continue to detect the awards regardless of how the type of week is configured in the schedule.

If the final week is configured as a Fun Night and the games are not bowled in the standard format of the league, do the following:

1.     Go to the Main menu > Weekly > Enter/Correct Scores

2.     On the teams with players having an award score, go to the menu > Scores > Overrides

3.     Highlight the bowler having the award score

4.     Check the NOT eligible for association awards and NOT eligible for league awards options

5.     Repeat for all bowlers having award scores

Do not go to the Assoc. & Local Awards Earned This Week menu option.

Note - Be advised that if you print a final List Awards Earned report after bowling the final night, you will need to over-ride the scores to make them not eligible for awards.