Using AOL for Email Sending

To send outgoing email with AOL:
SMTP Server:
Username:   <AOLemail address> without the
Password:  <AOL user password> (which should be using the Generated App Password from AOL - See Below)
Use Advanced Settings to set SMTP Server Port:  Yes
SMTP Server Port: 465
Email Server requires SSL and/or TLS Mode: Yes
SSL/TLS Start Mode: Automatic or Implicit

Note: If you get an error message of "535 5.7.0 (#AUTH005) Too many bad auth attempts error when trying to send email" then you will need to adjust your security settings in your AOL account by:
  1. going to 
  2. Select Account Security
  3. Click Generate app password
  4. Select Other App
  5. Enter BLS-2021 for the name
  6. Click Generate
  7. Make a note of the generated App password and enter that into the password field of BLS.
Please note that AOL may change their security requirements from time to time. These instructions have been tested in Sept 2020.