Uploading to LeagueSecretary.com fails with error "a connection with the server could not be establised"

When uploading to LeagueSecretary.com or doing a test connection to LeagueSecretary.com an error appears with the message:
"a connection with the server could not be establised - URL:http://www.leguesecretary.com/CDEPost/CDECredentials.asmz - SOAPAction:http://www.leaguesecretary.com/CDEAuthorize"
This error can appear for several reasons and indicates that BLS can not make connection with the LeagueSecretary.com server.
1) Internet connection down. If your Internet connection is down, you will not be able to connect to LeagueSecretary.com
2) Internet peering problems. Think of peering as the Internet freeway system. If you live in New York City, there are several freeways you can take to get to Los Angeles. Depending on your Internet provider, they may have a preference on which freeways to take compared to other freeways. Sometimes, however, there is road construction that may divert or block traffic.  Think of this as a hurricane coming up the coast.  If you were going from NYC to Miami during a hurricane, you may not be able to get there until it passes.
3) Firewall product installed on your system is blocking BLS from accessing the Internet.  Firewalls are software (or hardware) products that are the equivalent of the TSA agents at an airport.  EVERYONE, even staff working at the airport, must go through them for security.  You must give each program permission (TSA Pre fast pass through TSA) to access to the Internet.  If you don't give permission, it's similar to forgetting your ID and Passport when reaching TSA, to which they will not let you pass.
Some firewall products pay more closer attention to things compared to others.  Most importantly is when a software program has been updated.  When updating a program, it's like changing your maiden name to the married name. You have to get a new ID and updated Passport to be able to get through TSA. So in this case, the firewall is requiring you to give BLS permission again to access the Internet.
Due to all the different firewall products, we do not provide support on the firewall configuration.
4) Proxy Server settings.  BLS uses some of Windows's Internet functionality, which is controlled by Internet Explorer. As a test, open Internet Explorer and enter http://www.leaguesecretary.com in the address bar to see if you can get to the website.  While you can do this test with Firefox or Chrome or Safari, this test must be done with Internet Explorer.  If Internet Explorer does not bring up LeagueSecretary.com, then your Internet settings in Internet Explorer have the Use Proxy Server setting enabled, when it should not be enabled.