Can not find server when uploading or testing connection to

If uploading to gives an error stating it can't find the credentials or find the server, check the following:
  1. Using your web browser, visit  Does that web page open? If not, then either the website is down for maintenance or there is an Internet issue possibly on your side not allowing your computer to reach the website.
  2. Did you use the Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser for the previous test or did you use Firefox or Chrome? Pieces of Internet Explorer are used by many software products to get configurations to access the Internet as well as accessing servers using different methods, such as web services. Try accessing the same website as the first step, using Internet Explorer. If you get a message that Internet Explorer is Offline, then this is preventing BLS from contacting  
    If you have Window XP, follow this Microsoft KB item regarding Offline Mode. and set it to Online. 
  3. Firewalls and Antivirus products may be blocking BLS from accessing the Internet. Make sure BLS is given permission.  We have seen these products sometime require giving permission again if you updated or upgraded BLS.