Match Points are wrong for certain Matches

If in the General Rules section, the league is set up as a handicap league and in the League Features > Individual match point League is selected Yes, the program will default to the Bowlers score plus handicap for the match points. The player with the highest handicap score wins the point(s).

1. In the section Individual Points > Standard Match Points > Points awarded to the winner of each match game: > enter the number of points either in the Scratch box or the Handicap box.

Repeat the above steps for Team Match Points.

2. Match points are determined by the position the bowler plays in. Verify that the line up is correct according to the way the players bowled, (i.e. Player 1 scores against Player 1 on the opposing team, etc.).



I've done this, but matching points are still not correct.
Eric Bonfig (9/16/2021 at 11:29 AM)