How to set up a Vacancy when the base, percentage or handicap is different

There are cases where the league votes that a vacant score uses a different handicap than what would normally be calculated.  For example:
  • Vacant shall use 130 for the score, but use handicap based on a 150 average
  • League will use a 90% of 220 for handicap but vacant will use a 150 score with 80% of 200.
To accommodate this, do the following:
  1. Open BLS
  2. Open the League
  3. Select Setup > Rules
  4. Select the Vacant Players tab in the rules screen
  5. Change "Use the Other gender columns base and handicap information for VACANTS instead of the gender of the bowler" option to YES
  6. Enter the vacant scratch score you wish to use in the "OTHER" column for Vacancy score
  7. Select the Individual Handicaps tab in the rules
  8. Change the handicap % and Base appropriately.
  9. Close the rules.