Filling Brackets

After registering your bowlers for brackets, and you don’t have enough players to complete a full bracket, follow these steps:
Main menu > Brackets > Results
  1. Shuffle the brackets.
  2. The Shuffle status screen displays the number of full brackets and the number of people needed to fill another bracket. Use this information to register enough bowlers to be able to fill all brackets of this type set or allow byes to fill the empty spots.
  3. Indicate how Bye’s are used.
  4. No BYEs Allowed - Click to not use byes. If a bracket is not full, then refunds are given for the bowlers in the incomplete bracket.
  5. Include BYEs to fill one extra bracket - Click to use a bye for the one incomplete bracket.
  6. Fill __ brackets.  Add BYEs as needed - Click and specify the number of brackets and the total number of brackets to run. Byes are added with registered bowlers to complete brackets.
  7. Click Assign Bowlers to Brackets to begin shuffling. 
BLS Pro and A/S programs use the S.S.F.L. shuffle system to reduce the number of times multiple entrants compete against the same bowler. By reducing the collisions, you provide the best competition among brackets.