Bracket Registration

Bracket Registration
After brackets have been set up and bowlers have indicated how many brackets for each set to enter, it’s now time to register them into brackets.
 Click on Brackets > Registration
All players from the league will appear on this screen.
Next is to indicate the number of brackets that each bowler is participating in for each bracket set and enter the Amount Paid IN by the bowlers.  For example, if Fred Ziffell is entering into the first bracket set 8 times, an 8 would be entered into the Bwlr -1- column for that bowler.  Repeat the entering of brackets for each bowler that is participating. If a bowler is not participating in brackets, simply ignore their entry.
Above the registration screen, is a status line of the number of brackets filled, number of openings, and number of people and entries.
Once bracket registration is complete, go into the Brackets > Bracket Results to perform the initial shuffling of the bowlers by clicking on the Shuffle button at the top of the screen.