Bracket Options

After configuring the structure of the bracket, options can be set for the style of bracket.
What is the title of this bracket set:  Change the title of the Bracket Set to better describe the type of bracket.
What games are used in this bracket:  Indicate which games are used for this bracket set and the order they will be used. With this option, "reverse" brackets can be configured by starting with Game 3 and ending with Game 1.
Scratch or handicap brackets:  Select which scores are used to determine the winners in each bracket.
Tie breaking rule:  Select what happens if a tie. See the HELP file for information on over-riding this option.
Limiting brackets:  Brackets for each set can be limited to a specific number of brackets offered as well as the number that a bowler can enter.  Set the values appropriately.
Byes:  Byes occur when there are not enough bowlers to fill a complete bracket. If byes are allowed, indicate this here.
Additional qualification options:  Brackets can be configured for a minimum/maximum age as well as minimum/maximum average.  This configuration extends to allowing Adults only, Kids only or both as well as being able to separate by gender.  Finally, the bracket can be restricted to a single division if bowler divisions are configured.