Removing Duplicate Bowlers

Occasionally a bowler, such as a substitute, is entered as a new bowler without checking to see if the bowler already exists in Bowler Maintenance or the Bowler List view of the Weekly > Adjust Team Rosters screen. Not only does this result in confusion to which bowler to use, this can cause average and handicap problems because the bowler does not have the correct games and pinfall to calculate the bowlers average.

Use the following procedure to remove duplicate bowlers:

1.     Go to the menu bar > Tasks > Team and Individual Score Histories.

2.     Click Bowler History and click Select any Bowler.

3.     Locate the first occurrence of the bowler. Note the bowler ID# used. Print the history.

4.     Locate each additional occurrence of the bowler. Note the bowler ID#’s used. Print the history.

5.     Exit the Bowler History.

Examine all the Bowler History reports for this bowler. Look for the first week that the bowler has bowled. The ID# of this bowler is what will be used for the rest of the season. We will call it the TRUE ID# of the bowler for the purpose of fixing the problem.

6.     Examine the other Bowler History report(s) for this bowler.

7.     Go to the first week the duplicate bowler has bowled and go to the Enter Scores screen. Make note of the points won/lost for this pair of teams.

8.     Add bowler using the TRUE ID# to the Enter Scores screen.

9.     Move the TRUE ID# bowler underneath the duplicate bowler and enter the scores for that week.

10.  Remove the scores from the duplicate bowler ID#.

11.  Drop the duplicate bowler ID# from the scores screen.

The scores screen should now reflect the scores using the TRUE ID#. Note the wins/losses. If there were not any changes to the wins and losses then don’t worry. IF there was a change, then make a note of it. You may need to explain to the league/teams that an error was made and the points/averages/handicaps has been corrected. If your league uses position rounds, be sure to check that weeks’ team match-ups. If a match-up change occurs, you will need to manually assign the position round week to reflect the teams that bowled each other.

Repeat steps 6-11 for every week the duplicate bowler has scores..

Return to the main menu bar > Tasks > Team and Individual Score Histories  > Team and Individual Score Histories and look at the histories for this bowler. If everything was done properly, the TRUE ID# bowler should have all the games and the incorrect ID#’s should not have scores entered.

Exit the Bowler History> the main menu bar > Setup > Edit Any Bowler.

1.   Rename the incorrect ID#’s for this bowler with the first name VACANT and a blank last name.

2.   Delete this Name from the League File