Bowler Not Listed For National Award

Is the bowler eligible?
Verify the bowlers average and number of games at the time the score was bowled. Confirm in the USBC, CTF or TNBA Rulebooks that the bowler meets the requirements to be eligible for the award.
Has the league been certified in the national organization under Certify > Fees?
Listed Bowler is highlighted in orange color:
This indicates the individual bowler has not been configured as being certified with the national organization.
For USBC, CTF and TNBA leagues:
Ensure your bowlers are configured as being certified in Certify > Bowler Memberships as follows:
a) If Entering Financial Information for Certifications, Select appropriate Application Card, Membership Choice and State Association (when available) for the bowler that has paid their fees. For TNBA Leagues, there will be an additional option on the "Payments In:" line to select for TNBA membership fees.
b) If NOT Entering Financial Information for Certification, this screen will have a toggle switch for "Bowler Is: " Not Certified OR Certified. You will need to toggle the switch to Certified. Note: When not tracking financial information, you go go to Certify > Fees. There will be a toggle switch to automatically consider all bowlers as certified.