Bowler is Missing From League Awards on Standing Sheets

Occasionally, a bowler that should be appearing for a league award such as high game or series, is not appearing on the Standing Sheet under Season High Scores.  This typically occurs when the bowler's score(s) are not eligible based on the Rules as they are configured in BLS. Also, as the league moves towards it's final stretch of the league, it is very common to observe bowlers being removed from the Season High league awards.
BLS provides an easy method to determine why a bowler is missing:
  1. From the main menu, select  Weekly > High Scores, Stats, Standings, Birthdays.
  2. Click on the Individual Bowler Tab.
  3. If Mixed League, select Gender of the bowler, at the bottom of the page.
  4. By default, this screen will display the Season High Scores and identify all the high scores for all the bowlers. Scores listed in gray are not eligible, so make note of the symbol that is displayed prior to the bowler's name then use the legend at the top of the screen to determine why a given score is not eligible.
    If the score is not listed, then go back to the week the score was bowled and determine why BLS is not recognizing it. In the Week the scores were bowler, go into Weekly > Enter/Correct Current Scores and verify the score is entered correct. In addition, ensure there are no Over-rides configured.  You will see a brown box indicating if over-rides existed.;
More Information:
Do you give individual bowler awards? Make sure you have selected the option to award scratch, handicap or pin over average awards.  Go to Setup > Rules then select the General tab.
In most cases, a League will establish a number of games or percentage of the season a bowler must bowl to qualify for league prizes.  If using percentage, this value is translated into a number of games to be entered into BLS.  For example, take a 3 game league that bowls 33 weeks. The total possible games are 99. If the required percentage were 66%, this would be 65 games. This rule is configured by going to Setup > Rules > Awards and selecting the Individual Eligibility for Awards tab.
If the bowler will not bowl enough games by the end of the season, the bowler will not be shown on league awards. For example, if the league rule is configured for 50 games, and the bowler has 40 games with two weeks left in a 3 game league, the bowler is not eligible since they would only have 46 games at the end of the season. If the requirement had been 46, then the bowler could still be eligible providing the bowler does not miss a game for the last two weeks.
Pre-bowl or make-up game?
Were the games bowled that qualify for awards bowled as a pre-bowl or make-up? Are your BLS rules set to allow these?
NOTE:  For Make-up games to be considered, you must go back to the week the scores were entered for (as opposed to the week bowled) in order to have them processed.
Does the bowler who earned a league award currently have the status as a substitute? Are your BLS rules set to allow subs to qualify for league awards?
Perfect scores?
Did the bowler who earned a league award bowl a perfect game? Are your BLS rules set to exclude these scores from qualifying for league awards?
High Average?
Does the bowler who earned a league award currently have the highest average? Are your BLS rules set to exclude bowlers with the highest average from game, series and Most Improved Average awards?
Most Improved Average?
Does the bowler who earned a league award currently hold the Most Improved Average? Are your BLS rules set to exclude the Most Improved Average winners from game and series awards?
Game and Series Award priorities for Individual and Team
BLS has the feature of setting award priorities based on game or series as well as scratch or handicap. Bowlers can be listed for one, two or all awards. Commonly, bowler’s who are not aware of your league award rules will complain when they either are bumped off or only show one award, when a score they have bowled should also show for a second award. Do not start changing the rules around.
Use the bowler and team season awards information in the Results/Awards screen. All scores will be shown, with ineligible scores dimmed.
Ties for game or series awards
When a tie for a game or series award occurs, this can cause confusion depending on the award or place tied. Ties either share the same position or occupy two or more places based on the rule you select. When the award priority is set to one or two awards, ties will effect how awards are given. Pay special attention the rule set for ties. Look at the Weekly League Duties > Results > Awards bowler or team season awards carefully. Then go back and change the rule to the opposite. Come back to Results > Awards and look for the changes.