Keyboards not functioning in QAMF with certain leagues

If a center has QubicaAMF Conqueror or Conqueror installed and the keyboards no longer function at the bowler consoles for certain leagues, the preferences for the league in Conqueror Pro or QubicaAMF Conqueror may have been changed to disable the keyboard.
To correct this behavior, re-enable the option in the league setup in Conqueror or Conqueror Pro.
While the steps may vary within your Conqueror software, the following should enable the keyboards.
1.     From the Conqueror Front Desk, select the league and click Setup.
2.     Select the Technical tab and choose Options.
3.     Make sure that the Enable the Keyboard option is checked.
 If this option is checked, then verify that the league has no more than 400 bowlers in it (including subs). 
You will need to permanently delete any unused VACANTs and any bowlers that have no scores entered.
To do this, see Removing Bowlers in the Knowledge Base.
While the CDE Software products have the options to enable or disable the keyboard in the Automatic Scoring Export screens, this scoring system ignores those features and require they be set from within the Conqueror front desk.
If you are still having difficulties with these options or if you have any questions, please call your QubicaAMF Support Team.