Compatible Scoring Systems

For a list of our certified and non-certified scoring partners, addresses and contact info, please visit

At the time of this writing, the following systems are available that are compatible with BLS-2020 A/S. This list is subject to change without notice.  


  • QubicaAMF Conqueror X, Conqueror Pro, Conqueror, BOSS* and OVR*
  • Brunswick Sync, Vector Plus, Vector, Classic* and Centermaster*
  • Steltronic Focus and WINS*
  • AK Microsystem Touchdesk and LCS
  • Computerscore Comscore
  • Joystick Scoring
  • Purrfect Score Purrfect Desk
  • Switch
  • Twelve Strike Central Desk Pro and Central Desk DOS
  • US Bowling Pulse
* May either require an operating system upgrade or installing on a computer that has a compatible operating system and is networked to the scoring system.