How do I enter a maximum handicap for Vacant Scores?

In certain cases, a league may force a score using a different average and handicap for a Vacant score compared to a real bowler.

  1. Open League
  2. Setup > League > Rules
  3. Vacant Players > Vacancy Score Rules
  4. Change "Use the "Other" gender column's base and handicap information for Vacants" to Yes
  5. Set the OTHER Vacancy score to the score you wish for the Vacant position
  6. Individual Handicaps > Basic Individual Handicap Rules
  7. Set the OTHER handicap % to 100
  8. Set the OTHER handicap Base to be the number of pins given for handicap + the handicap score.  I.E.  If the vacant person gets a fixed 45 pins of handicap and the handicap score is 160, then the BASE would be 160+45 = 205.