Registering Bowlers

From the menu > E) Registrations & Bowlers > 1: Registration


If you have already selected the option you want to show, and don’t want to see this screen again, change the rocker switch from Show to Hide this screen.


·    Type the bowlers’ name and all pertinent information on each line provided in the Registered Bowlers table. 

·    Repeat for each bowler, up to eight players.  


Enter bowlers into the events by first clicking on the Event from the list.


Follow the instructions below: 

1.      Line Num.: Enter associated Line Number from Registered Bowlers listed at the top. This automatically enters the Name, Avg., HDCP and Division. 

·         To enter all registered bowlers, click Add Bowlers.  This enters the Line Numbers in sequential order and doubles partners will be paired as Bowlers 1 and 2, Bowlers 3 and 4, etc.

2.     Squad: Enter the Squad number the bowler will bowl in. 

·         Designating the squad for a linked event will automatically select the squad for the associated (linked) event.  

·         To check for availability on a squad, click Show Squads to display all squads for the selected event and the number of openings for each. Identify the desired squad to enter the bowler, and then click Add Registration.

3.     Lane: When manually assigning the lane, enter the lane number in this field. 

·         If automatically assigning lanes leave this field blank, it will be filled in when the lanes are assigned.

4.     Fee Code: Enter R, F or D for Regular, Free or Discount, respectively.  

·         A special Fee Code of A (Already entered) is available when a bowler has already registered in All Events on a different registration form. This will automatically displayed when entering the other bowlers on the team.


Entering a Fee Code will automatically register the bowler for all Calculated Prizes for the Event. 


Note: When registering for a Team Event, and there are not enough bowlers to fill the team, you must register a bowler named VACANT.  This will be important when scores are entered so that the vacancy score can be included for the team totals.


All Events entries are done by entering a Fee Code under the AE Column associated with the All Event category the bowler is registering for.


Derived Events will automatically be populated when bowlers are registered into the associated bowled event.  To register bowlers into this event, enter or into the In Evt column then specify the Fee Code.


(The Fee Code should be right after the Lane column for Bowled events. For Derived events, it is at the end of the line (following the Average).