Show Prize Setup

Once the prizes have been created, this section will be used to assign Prize and Sponsor Funds to each position to be awarded prizes.  To begin, select the event to be configured from the list under Prizes For Event. When the event is selected, the upper portion of the screen will be populated with the information specific to that event. Prizes can be added, deleted or duplicated for the event and prize group by clicking the respective Add Prize, Delete Prize or Duplicate buttons.  Use the Duplicate button to add a new place in the event of a tie.

Show Prizes For: This section allows the list of prizes to be filtered by Division (only available when event configured for divisions) and/or Results (prize groups created in the Prize Setup).  Use the Drop-Down list to select the different options.

Event: Displays total Sponsor and Prize Funds available for the selected event.

Prize Fund: Displays total Prize Fund available and allocated to the Prize Group being configured. When a Division is selected under Show Prizes For, these values will change to display the Prize Fund available to the selected Division.

Group Money: Displays total Sponsor Fund available and allocated to the Prize Group being configured.
 Note:  Group Money is provided for the entire Prize Group and is therefore not broken down by division.   As such, for events that are configured with divisions, sponsor funds will have to be divided manually.

Assigning Prize amounts for each place

For each Prize Group configured for the event, prize amounts will need to be configured for each place to receive a prize.  The total Prize Amount is based on the allocated Prize and Sponsor Funds.  In addition, BTM - 2013 provides the option to identify which places for each Prize Group that will receive a trophy.  Team events will include the ability to award team and bowler trophies.

It is recommended that you select the Divisions (if any) and Results under the Show Prizes For section when allocating money to the selected Prize Group

Prize Calculator

BTM - 2013 includes a utility to assist with allocating the Prize Fund to the individual prizes called the Prize Calculator. To use this utility, select the Prize Group to configure under Description, then click the Prize Calculator button.

The following data will need to be entered to calculate the prize distribution:

·Prize Fund: Enter the total prize money to be distributed to the winners.  This value should already be filled in based on how the event was previously configured.

·No. of Places: Enter the number of winners that will receive a prize.  Again, this value should already be filled in based on the Event Prize Setup. Changing this value will provide the opportunity to increase the number of prizes.

·Amnt to Last: Enter the minimum amount of money to be awarded to the bowler in the last position to be paid. 

·% to Top: Enter the percent of the total Prize Fund that will be awarded to the Number of Top Positions configured in the next field.

·No. Top Positions: Enter number of places to be considered as top positions for selected Prize Group. This value is used in conjunction with the previous field to award top finishers. This value cannot exceed the Number of Places to be awarded.

·Curve Factor: This value determines how the Top Fund will be distributed amongst the Top Positions previously configured.  Use the Drop Down list to select a value between 1 and 10, where 1 will allocate most of the funds to 1st place and 10 will distribute these funds more evenly among the top positions.

Once these values have been configured, click the Calculate button.  The Prize Fund distribution will appear on the right side.  If the calculated values are acceptable, click the Assign button to transfer these values back to the Individual Prizes screen.  Keep in mind that these calculations are only suggested values and the actual amounts awarded can be modified.   When manually modifying the prize denominations, BTM - 2013 will display the Allocated and Remaining Prize Fund listed under the Division section at the top of this screen.

Sponsor Funds

Sponsor Funds are allocated to the entire event, and are not automatically divided when divisions are configured for the event.  As such, special consideration must be made when allocating these funds for events that have divisions configured.  For example, if 2 divisions are configured, half the Sponsor money listed under Group Money should be allocated to the 1st division and the other half allocated to the 2nd division.

Under the Sponsor Funds column, enter the amount of Sponsor money for each place to be paid, allocating different denominations as appropriate.  Be advised that using the Prize Calculator is not supported as that utility is designed to calculate and assign the prize distribution for the Prize Fund only.

However, the Prize Calculator can be used to get an idea of how the Sponsor Funds can be allocated.  When the Prize Calculator is opened, the Prize Fund amount can be replaced with the available Sponsor Fund amount and the prize distribution can be calculated after configuring the rest of the parameters.
Important Note: If using the Prize Calculator for the Sponsor Fund, do NOT click the Assign button as this will over-write the actual Prize Fund allocations. Instead, write down the prize distribution then hit the Cancel button, then manually enter the calculated values under the Sponsor Funds column.


As previously noted, BTM - 2013 has the option to award bowler and/or team trophies for all events in the tournament.  Simply enter a 'Y' or 'T' under the Bowler Trophies and/or Team Trophy column on this page.  BTM - 2013 will keep a total number of trophies needed for each Prize Group in each event