Assoc. & Local Awards Earned

The screen is divided into tabs based on each specific award group. For example, the USBC awards are found in the USBC tab, CTF in the CTF tab, etc. The All Award Groups tab will include all bowlers qualifying for awards.

Note: The specific squad needs to be selected prior to entering this menu option to initially create the Awards List.

Displaying specific award groups

To narrow the list of award recipients based on a certain award group, click the specific group in the Awards Group list. To display every group, click All Award Groups tab. 

Displaying specific bowlers

To display a certain award recipient, use the drop down list to select the intended bowler. To display all the bowlers, use the drop down list to select All Bowlers.

Printing the awards list

To preview an awards report containing the list of displayed bowlers, click List Awards. From this preview the report can be sent to your printer by clicking Print. The previewed report can also be exported to web or a file.

Printing the awards form

To preview the award forms, select the specific award tab to display currently earned awards. Click Print Form.

The awards earned can be printed to be submitted to your association. Blank award forms can also be printed.


·Because there are no standards for awards, other than at the national level, forms are not available for local and bowling center awards. As such, you can only print an Award List for local or state association awards or bowling center awards.

·To earn a national award, the tournament must be certified by the national association.  Ensure you have the tournament certified by going to D)  Setup Rules, Fees & Styles > 5: Associations and Bowling Awards.

·To print Men and Women on separate forms, ensure the tournament is configured as "Not Merged" by going to D)  Setup Rules, Fees & Styles > 5: Associations and Bowling Awards  Under the Type of Tournament section, there is a Yes/No toggle switch to indicate if the local association has merged.

·BTM - 2013 utilizes PDF files to print awards.  This type of file is most commonly opened by the Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat programs.   Ensure one of these programs are installed and that it is the most current version available for the version of Windows you are running.

·If the Association Name and Number are not filled in the association has to be linked to the tournament.  This can be done by going to D)  Setup Rules, Fees & Styles > 5: Associations and Bowling Awards and clicking the Association Addresses tab. 

·If the award forms are viewable in Adobe Reader, but do not print the completed information, the following procedure may work:

1. Generate the award forms in BTM - 2013 which will open Adobe Reader to view the forms.

2. Select File > Print to bring up the print dialog.

3. Click Advanced.

4. Check the box Print as image.

5. Click OK.

6. Click OK to Print.

Printing TNBA Award Forms

Printing TNBA Award Forms are no different than the printing of USBC Awards Forms. The tournament will need to be certified under Section D)  Setup Rules, Fees & Styles > 5: Associations and Bowling Awards. In addition, the TNBA Awards will need to be enabled using the toggle switch on the Association Awards TAB in this same section.