How should brackets be configured for multiple sets in BTM

Squads are looked at as games 1 to the number of games in a set.  
In most cases an event is bowled as 1 set, however sometimes an event is broken up into multiple sets.
For example:
  1. A simple singles 3 game event would almost always be set up as being bowled as one set of 3 games.
  2. An event that bowls a large number of games, such as 6, might be broken up into two sets of 3 games, where 3 are bowled in a morning squad and 3 are bowled in the afternoon squad.
Using the second example, let's look at how brackets look at the squads.
A bracket would be set up, for example, to be based on 3 games.  When bowling the morning squad, which is games 1-3 for the squad that are applied to games 1-3 for the event, this works fine.
If you want to use the same bracket for the afternoon shift, you would simply use the same bracket definition.  The brackets will see the squad using games 1-3 for the squad, even though the event looks at the squad as being games 4-6.