DUPLICATE BOWLERS / Removing Duplicate Bowlers

DUPLICATE BOWLERS / Removing Duplicate Bowlers

Occasionally, in a large tournament, a bowler may register with more than 1 team and their name entered multiple times.  If scores have been entered for the duplicate bowlers, make note of the scores for each bowler record/ID#. The following procedure can be used identify and remove duplicate bowlers:

On the tournament main screen, click on Register, then Registration.

  1. Click on the Members menu
  2. Click on Duplicate Bowler
  3. Set the criteria to search 

In the Show me section of this window, select the option Matching Bowlers and you can separate the groups with a space by clicking in the check box (optional)

Use the drop down arrow to select the bowler ID# and name to combine with the highlighted bowler in the list. Click Combine Now.