How do I contact CDE Software by phone?

To reach CDE Software by phone, use the following phone numbers depending on the specific need:


If you have a technical support question and you have the Standard or Professional edition of our programs - Call 206-937-8927. If you receive a busy signal, our staff are working with other customers, so please try again later or use our Live Chats.
If you have a technical support question and you have the A/S edition of our programs - Call 206-937-5744. This number is reserved for customers that have purchased the A/S edition of the software that integrates with the electronic scoring systems at the bowling center. It is not available for customers with Standard or Professional editions.


If you wish to purchase our programs, please call 800-767-8927 or 206-937-8069. The 800# is only for placing orders. Technical support is not available at this number, nor can we transfer you to the support department.


Order Questions / License Transfers

If you have a non-technical support related question about your order or a license transfer question, please call 206-937-8069.

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