Sanctioning bowlers on bls 2015 pro
Question asked by matt kerzic - August 15, 2014 at 9:41 AM
Any one else having a problem when sanction bowlers.  When I sanction a bowler it says USBC Adult certified.  When you go to the certification worksheet it does not show how many bowlers are paying the adult sanciton fee, but it is showing how much money was paid in total.

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When you click on the box to certify them, does the box just say "National Dues"?
Go to Setup - Fees - Certification - USBC tab - Make sure that the "Merged Associations" are correct. If they are, switch to not merged and then to back to merged. Then go to Certify - Bowler Membership - Utilities tab and click the Recalculate Payments and Check Sanctions buttons, this should correct the forms.
This is a problem with the fee definition file and will need to be fixed in an update later today. Monday at the latest.
In the next update you will be able to Reset the League Fees to the Default Fees (which should be correct).
After you update, open your league and go to Certify/League Association Fees. On the top will be a new button labeled "Reset to Default." Use that button for any leagues that seem to have the worksheets messed up. Be sure that all of your settings for this league are still correct.
Then go to the Bowler Membership screen and to the Certification Worksheets tab. On the right side of the table, click on the "Recalculate Worksheets" button. Everything should be correct after that.
BLS-2015/Pro v. 27.03.11, Win7
Did this get resolved?  Today (9/14/14) I am printing the certification application.  I have 63 bowlers paying full dues and 1 bowler paying local only (remainder certified elsewhere).  I tried the solutions suggested above (reset to default; clicked merged to unmerged and back), and closed/reopened program but still p.9 of the application lists (in the 2nd table headed "USBC Adult Memberships") no entry on first line for standard (which is what all 63 bowlers paying dues are paying for), 1 entry on the line "Sport" for $9 (this is wrong) and 53 entered on the line for Local (also wrong), for a total of 54 bowlers purchasing certification through this league.  In the 10+ years I've been using BLS this is the first time the sanction (certification) app is not calculating properly.
Have you tried Recalculate Bowler Payments or Check Accuracy of Certification in the Utilities Section of the "Certify" - "Bowler Membership"?
If that doesn't work, send a backup of your league file to and they will be able to determine the problem.
Version BLS Pro 27.03.11
I do not know should go here or start a new thread. But my instance my membership worksheet and application does not show the totals of payments. I did recalculate it stills doesn't shows the totals. If I manual put the the totals on the worksheet it will show up on the application. I didn't have to do this last year. So do I have corrupt file is this bug?
There was an incorrect file in the original release of BLS2015 that caused the Worksheets to be calculated incorrectly. In order to fix this you need to do the following in the order list.
1) Down load and install the latest BLS2015 update.
2) Open the program and then open Certify/System Default Fees. Verify the USBC settings for Local & State Merged/Not Merged and the Local and State Fees. Close the screen and save any changes.
3) Open your league and open Certify/Association/League Association Fees. Click on the button on the top that says "Reset To Default." Once it finishes resetting the fees, verify one that the USBC settings and Fees are still correct. Save any changes and close this screen.
4) Open Certify/Bowler/Bowler Management and go to the "Certification Worksheets" tab. Click on the button "Recalculate Worksheets." This will fix the errors and the numbers should appear correctly.
Repeat steps 3 & 4 for any other leagues you have that may be experiencing this problem.
BLS 27.3.11
Did the steps you detailed.
Our local association is merged; state is not.
The certifications were recorded on the BA worksheet. Counts and amounts were correct but the Totals Dues box was empty.
I was expecting the dues to be recorded on the Adult worksheet since local is merged.
Just wondering.
If your local associations are merged then the information will be on the Adult Worksheet, if not they will be on the BA & WBA worksheets.
If you started with the League Association Fees saying that you were "Not Merged" and then switched it after entering the Certifications, the program won't move the bowlers. It was recorded which worksheet to use when it was entered.
The total on the Certification Worksheets will be fixed in the next updates. If you need to print your applications before it is released today you can enter the number manually on the Bowler Membership screen, "Certification Worksheets" screen.

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