Arrears problems during the last two weeks
Problem reported by Carl Fosler - April 25, 2014 at 2:36 AM
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Windows XP, fully updated
BLS-2014  25.05.05
I had this problem twice, with two different bowlers who were arrears during the last two weeks.  Both bowlers were arrears several weeks, and they had both paid during the last two weeks.  One bower paid on the next to last week, and the other paid on the last week.  Case 1, bowler didn't bowl on week 28, and system shows $52 fee balance, week 29, shows a beginning balance of $34.  I show that this bowler paid with a check of $52 and now has a fee balance of 0 (good).  Print Bank Deposit, and this report shows his check, but for only $34.  The missing $18 does to show up anywhere else.  The $18 is our week bowling fee.  Case 2, bowler was arrears $26 on week 29, paid $18, still has a fee balance of $26.  It also shows -18 from finial two weeks, and $18 balance.  Go to week 30, and he now has a balance of $8, I type in the $26 due, now has a fee balance of 0, and the last week -18 and 0.  Once again, print Bank Deposit, shows the $26 under weekly fees, and the $27 under bank deposits (from 50/50 fund), but has a Total Cash of $35.  Now $26 and $27 is $53, not $35 (once again off by $18).
Quick look at the LEAGUE FUNDS and it looks to be as if it messed up as well.

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I have replaced my original response as I now have access to my BLS computer.
In your weekly fees area, click the "Utilities" tab and you should see a blue button labeled "Recalculate League Funds". That should do it.
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Always check, download, and install the most recent update of your software to ensure that issues may have been corrected.
No that didn't do it.
Speaking of the "Recalculate League Funds" keys, I have found that most problems I run into working on the financial side (usually, deleting an automatic payment, but there are others) require "Recalulate" before the league funds show correct amounts.  It seems to me that the software already knows there are cases when it needs to do this.  In the old days with slow computers, I could understand why you might not want to do this automatically, but most current PCs can do this so fast that most users wouldn't even know that it happening.  At a minimum, there should be an option that would allow the software to do a "Recalulate" (without losing payment information, or at least notify you what payment information is being lost) so that use of the "Recalulate" button isn't really needed.
Problems with the final weeks payments for bowlers in arrears have been noted. Some of these have been looked at and fixed, some are still being brought to our attention. We will look at them as time allows.
As for the Recalculate button: the information that is lost is when payments and changes were entered. Instead of several entries made when work is spread over several days (or several entries into the Weekly Fees screen), these get aggregated into just one entry. Some secretaries may want this information so automatic recalculations are not part of the program. Instead, we feel it is better to try to determine when these are occurring and why. As you noted, this (deleting payment lines) is one area that needs to be looked at when time allows.

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