Missing second place tie on "Prize Setup"
Problem reported by Carl Fosler - April 25, 2014 at 2:17 AM
End of Year awards.  We give out awards for first and second place for high Scratch Game.  The Season High Scores on the Standing Sheet correctly shows that we have two people who got the same 2nd highest score, but when it assigns the awards winnings, it only assigns the first person on the standing sheet. 
    The software should catch this and notified the user.  It would be nice if it can also do the assignments, but I would have like to know that this special case happen.

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Check under the setup tab > League and "Prize Fund > check to see how many places you are paying. Make sure that it is set to 2.
The number of places was set to 2. 
Since I wrote this thread, I discovered that I had TWO ties, one for first place ind series handicap, and the second tie for second place for ind scratch game.  In both cases, I had setup for prizes to two places, and different prize money for first/second.  The software did not notify me about either tie.  For the first place tie, it simply assign the two bowlers to first and second place, but did not adjust the prize money.  For the second place tie, it only assign the first bowler with the tie to second place.  In this case, I had to add a third place (and I'm pretty sure I had to assign the bowler).  In both cases, I had to go into the detail tab and change the money amounts.  I don't have a problem going in and changing the money awarded, but the system didn't even notify me that there was a tie and that I needed to make some manual changes.  I got lucky and noticed the ties, otherwise I wouldn't had any idea that there was a problem.
This is years old, but I wanted to ask will the current program recognize a tie and divide the prize in half? I know there are settings for how to display ties on the standings sheets. But I was hoping to use the payouts in BLS rather than having to do the calculations myself externally. I think this will help the next secretary/treasurer after me as well if they don't need to do much other than use the right functions in the program. I'm trying to plan for my retirement from this position lol

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