Team HDCP Total not showing on recap
Problem reported by Larry Zaideman - June 2, 2015 at 7:54 PM
Not A Problem
When I print out recap for team events it show "0" for the team hdcp and the other events show hdcp just team doesn't.
.Print team handicap is selected on "print recap" page.

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What recap are you using? What are your handicap rules? By game or series? Team Average or Sum of Bowlers?
I can't make it not work. Double check your setup and that the HDCPs are as you state. If you have Team Divisions setup, make sure that each have the appropriate setup. Make sure that the switch for "HDCP per Game/Series" is in the right position.
On the Registrations, check that the teams are showing a handicap in the "Game HDCP" column for the team. IF this is blank then something is wrong with the setup or with the Division determination.
The Recap Setup screen includes boxes for "Printing Handicap" - make sure it is checked.
I said I can't make it not work, but that is only true if I do have everything set up correctly. I have seen Tournaments where it doesn't work because something got changed (accidently or just not set) and it doesn't print. If you can't see, send the backup to CDE Help and I'll take a look as I have time.

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