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Question asked by Carl Figini - May 30, 2015 at 4:09 PM
BLS 2015 Pro V 27.07.04
The bowling center uses their own ID numbers for bowlers I use these to put in subs etc on league nights their software inserts bowlers using these numbers. Can I assign these numbers to the Bowler alternate ID so I have easy access to their center specific ID (I would print them on the standing sheet).
Thanks Carl

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That is precisely what the Alternate ID is for.
I work with a legacy autoscoring system (AMF Advantage/AccuScore Plus) and having that ID is very useful. In my case, the ID is used for inserting subs. If you have that system, you know what the "111X" is for.
This ID can be added to reports, which can either be independent or part of the weekly standings.
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Thanks this will be a big help.
I use 4 part paper for my re caps so I could not print on the back, 
Thanks though
what are other codes for amf accuscore plus 
I will reply with a lengthy post, but this is to illustrate what practical scenarios could call for the use of a specific code, together with the best way/sequence.
These codes aren't for the Plus system specifically, but they are for the AMF Advantage system, if that is in use in your center. Also, the league in Advantage must be set up to support importing bowler information to the scorers. Accuscore does not necessarily have Advantage (there is an alternative system that has limited function).
In every case, the captain(s), secretary, or anyone who actually performs these functions must either know the ID number(s) of the bowler(s) involved, or have access to them. For myself, I include a sub list with IDs on the back of my league recaps. After the codes, I will include a number of scenarios to describe how versatile (or not) the codes are.
The three codes are:
111X (Updates the scorer by importing information about the bowler ID(s) that are currently on list of names.
333X (Clears everything--use only if an entire team is absent/pre-bowled. CAUTION: CAN ERASE GAME SCORES IN PROGRESS. There is no UNDO.)
888X (Restores the scorer to the bowler roster lineup as entered in Advantage).
Each code above is entered as follows: Choose the lane (right or left, LED should be lit). Press "TEAM NAME". Press "ERASE NAME". Key in the proper code. Press "ENTER". The word "WORKING" will appear at the bottom of the screen for about five seconds, after which the display will be updated. For the first and third codes above, the team name itself will be unchanged. Use caution with the second code, it will erase scores with no UNDO (the third code will only restore names, not scores).
A. In a league has teams with lineups that change every week at the will of the captains, they would enter bowler IDs per the lineup to be used that night. This would be used where a team decides which bowler to lead off, anchor, etc.; or if a roster is larger than the playing strength of the league, to enter the IDs of the bowlers that will bowl that night in the order to be used. After ID numbers are entered, use the "111X" code above. The initials of all bowlers will appear, as will bowler and team handicaps (if used),
B. In a league where the lineups are exported to the lanes, that permits open substitutions, the captain would replace the bowler not bowling that night with the ID of the substitute, using the "BOWLER NAME" and other buttons as usual. Use the "111X" code. The entire bowler name must be erased and only a sub's ID can be entered, or it won't work.
C. If there needs to be a lineup change, replace the bowlers' names to be swapped as in "B" above, then use the "111X" code. This is useful for leagues with a lineup order rule that states that bowlers must line up low to high average and they're incorrectly ordered.

D. If you've entered a sub, but then the actual bowler shows up and will bowl, the "888X" code can be used to restore the roster/lineup to what Advantage has stored for the team. This is also useful if a substitute is used for only game one and the regular member bowls the rest: After recording scores for game 1, press "NEXT GAME" and then use the "888X" code.
E. If for some reason an entire team leaves before bowling a final game, press "NEXT GAME" on both lanes after recording scores for the last game bowled, then use the "333X" code.
F. If an entire team is absent or has pre-bowled, use the "333X" code before bowling to remove the entire lineup.
G. If an entire team that is absent for game 1 arrives and then bowls game 2 (or later), record scores for the team that is present, then press "NEXT GAME" on the lane that had bowled scores to advance to the new game. Then use the "888X" code to re-import the bowler information for the team that is now present.
H. In a league with a lineup rule, such as a team's regular bowlers must line up low to high average, but Advantage has them in an incorrect order (I make such an error about 5X a season), there are essentially three ways to address that:
1. The first is to do the "lineup change" ("C" above) at the scorer console as above without Advantage involvement.
If someone has access to Advantage and can change the stored lineup, once that's done, either:
2. The control desk can shut down the appropriate pair and then re-open it to export the corrected lineup to the lanes, or
3. Use the "888X" at the console to import the revised lineup.
Finally, if a secretary has access to the control desk, it's possible to insert bowler IDs using the score correct function before bowling. The control desk has a command (key sequence) that can be sent to all of the scorers in a lane number range that will be identical in function to the "111X" code to change each lanes' scorer to reflect the ID number(s) entered at the desk. I will not share that at this time, but may later if asked.
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Always check, download, and install the most recent update of your software to ensure that issues may have been corrected.

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