Final Averages - combining men and women
Question asked by Dan Rideout - May 2, 2015 at 9:06 AM
Certify - Default Fees -> USBC Options are both set to Merged, yet men and women are on separate pages of the final averages report (men in a USBC-BA list and women in a USBC-WBA list).  
My association requires a combined list because it's merged.  
Any ideas? 

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The Final Averages Report appears to be locked as far as separating the men from the women, but you should be able to easily configure a customized report that will give you what you want.
When you call up "View & Print More Reports", note some things in the "Final Average Report". That calls for Style #111 to be used (visible when you click on "Show report customization".
In the list of reports, click on one of the reports (in blue) "User Defined Report #" and we'll work with that line. You're going to make your way down the list of things that need to be set:
  1. Title of Report: Make it something like "Final Averages".
  2. Type of Report: Set to "Bowler List".
  3. Type of Report Heading: You can use any, but "Official Report" probably would be best.
  4. Style Number: Click the yellow "Change Style". In the upper left corner of the window that opens, click "Your Bowler Styles" and then "Fixed Styles". Below that look for "111 Final Average List". Click that, then click "Use This".
  5. Who? Most likely, "All bowlers and substitutes".
  6. What sexes? You could set to "Only the Sexes in the League" or "Everyone - sex doesn't matter".
  7. Separate report by: Set to "All People Together" which is what your association wants.
  8. Sort By / What order? Usually, an association will want "Alphabetical order".
  9. The remaining items in the window, if available, should be self-explanatory.
Run this customized report to get what you want.
This may need to be a Feature Request for a future version of set up the final average report based on the merged status of the association, rather than fixed separately. But this will work for now.
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Always check, download, and install the most recent update of your software to ensure that issues may have been corrected.
Thanks, Frank, that worked like a champ.  And, yes, that might be something to fix since the Help tool specifically calls out the Merged option to separate or not separate the bowlers.
Anyway, thanks again for the quick and useful response.

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