BTM 2015 Lane Assignment and Squad Assignment Problem
Problem reported by Randy Johnson - April 29, 2015 at 9:40 AM
A problem occurs when manually assigning lanes in the registration screen.  In the column under linked squad you will see that all but the last one say S004.  
When you select the enter the squad number under "Squad", the linked squad is filled in  automatically.  When I exit the screen and look at the squad list, the last bowler is not shown because they were changed to D004, when I exited the registration.  
This happens quite frequently, sometimes I can remove them from the squad and add them back and it works, sometimes I can just delete the D004 in the linked column and type 4 and S004 will reappear
Sometimes I have to remove the Doubles and Singles bowlers complete and re-enter info.  
Non of the workarounds are reliable.  This has  happened quite frequently with this version.  Recalculate and Validate do not help in this situation.  Opening and closing file and or program do not help.   It's always the 4th Bowler.
BTM 2015 A/S 15.02.11

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I will need more information on how you make this happen. I can't duplicate it so I can't fix it.
If you can do it regularly, does it always occur on the same registration or is it always the fourth 4th bowler on every registration?
This problem wasn't "fixed" in the version 15.03.01, but the "Validate Tournament" will put the singles event into the corresponding Singles Squad. The Lane assignment may or may not be correct, but the bowler will be listed in the squad correctly.
If anyone knows how this was "created" and what steps I need to do to make it happen I would greatly appreciate it. I would consider it "Fixed!" when the program no longer does it at all. :)

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