Message comes up when league is opened that there is a potential error on standing sheet and then it updates it incorrectly
Problem reported by Jeannette Lyons - October 7, 2017 at 3:37 PM
Hello,  Just downloaded an update and now am receiving the below error message:
A Potential problem was detected in your standings.  Your standings will be validated.  Once it is done validating my vacancy team is showing points won and lost as well as scratch pins.  the version is 30.03.06
 On Week 4 we had a team that dropped due to injuries, but could possibly be back.. Community board suggested that we drop the bowlers and change the team name to BYE- and adjust the wins and losses.  Well now after this latest update the "vacancy" team is showing the wins and losses from the people that were dropped + sratch pins/ series and adding in losses from weeks 4 and 5.  Every time I go into the adjust team roster and change the wins/losses it will not save and I keep getting the above message. It is now adding in the wins/loss f How can I fix?

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Jeannette, Some problems like this have been corrected by return to week one and then coming back week by week. One of my leagues had the same message and this procedure resolved it.
I did go back to week 1 then each week after to my current week 5 -  the error is still there.
I experimented some more and There seems to be something strange going on with the validation checks added to the .06 update. The error comes and goes. And I haven't dropped a team.Whoops, I just remembered that the league started with 17 teams, then dropped one before the second week.
Jeannette, you will have to reenter the changes in Week 4. Only problem is that the program will again detect this as a problem and then want to recalculate the points.
There is a fix we are working on that will mark those changes as correct and not trigger the recalculate, but it will be a day or more before the next update.
I'm afraid that this is my fault as I hadn't realized that the points could be reset on the Team Roster screen. 
Anyone know if the 30.03.08 update has fixed this issue ?

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