Having a problem with the 10 pin drop rule.
Question asked by Correen Edgerly - June 21, 2017 at 3:28 PM
When I use the 10 pin drop rule it changes the handicap also.  Tried over riding average and it still changes.  Any help plese.

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The first question to ask back is, does your league's pin drop rule apply to bowlers' averages that fall more than a certain number of pins lower than their final average for the previous season (book average), or is there a rule that applies a lower absentee score for bowlers who are frequently absent (or are absent several weeks in a row)?
For the former:
While I have yet to bowl in a league that uses such a rule, I would think that the point of a 10 pin drop rule would properly affect handicap.
Let's say that such a rule is in effect for a league; for this example, let's say the handicap is 100% to 200.
Bowler W had a final average of 190 last season in this league. Per a 10 pin drop rule, her average (for handicapping purposes) could go no lower than 180, so effecting the maximum handicap to be no more than 20, even if, say, her average drops to 175. Without the rule, the handicap would be 25, but with this rule, it would be based on no lower than 180, or the maximum of 20 pins. For team handicap, it would mean that BLS would add the bowlers' averages but would add, for this particular bowler, a figure no lower than 180, again even if her average fell to 179 or lower.
Are you seeing a different handicap than expected show? I guess the best way to be able to help would be for you to give an example bowler in your own league, tell us what your league's handicap rule happens to be (for the example, I used an individual handicap, but it would work similarly if just a team handicap is used). Please reply with a particular bowler's book average, what her average is as of now, what the specific pin drop rule is in use, what handicap is expected, and what handicap was applied by BLS-2017.
Do note than in BLS, you can override a individual bowler's average AND handicap, but the handicap cannot be overridden for a team.
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Always check, download, and install the most recent update of your software to ensure that issues may have been corrected.
The example would be if you are absent more than once you get a flat 10 pin drop from your current average.  Example avg of 207 would be 197, when I set this rule it continues to drop 10 more times on each absent even though I have set it to 0 pin drop for further absences.  I don't know what to change to get it to not drop any more pins than just the 10 flat.  If set the 10 pins in the boxes above the drop rule it drops 20.  The Handicap should not change for the opposing team, they should still get there full handicap.  The team with the absent bowler it the team that looses the 10 points.
Now that I understand your rule (again, it's not something I've ever come across, so I need to work with a 'dummy' league I keep to determine a solution or understand how BLS handles something):
It would have been helpful to respond with every setting in the Pin Drop section of the Absent Players (tab) section of the Rules setup, as each is important here. You need to scroll down to display more options than are visible when the window initially opens.
Here's how I would set it up:
League uses and Absentee Pin Drop Rule: (Set to YES)
The following applies if a bowler is absent more than the following number of weeks: (Set to "1")
The specified number of absences must be: (Set to "during the entire season")
The absentee score will drop based on: (Set to "Flat number of pins thereafter")
Drop the following number of pins (thereafter): (Set to "10")
The fourth item (highlighted) above is key. You may have it set to "Specified number of pins per week" and that's what's causing the absentee score to drop 10 pins, then 20 pins, etc. It's also possible that the third item may be set differently.
Please let me know if this works. You will have to return to the first week of the season to apply this rule to the previous weeks already bowled.
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Always check, download, and install the most recent update of your software to ensure that issues may have been corrected.

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