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Problem reported by marie oconnell - June 16, 2017 at 12:52 PM
Not A Problem
This is our first chance to use the 2017 BTM, we upgraded during the winter so didnt want to change in mid Tournament. Now were trying to set up this year already and every time we try to start the 2017 version we get Runtime error 217 at 0128AA3E...
Any help please, Want to get it rolling before the 4th

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Runtime error 217 in any CDE product means that the software did not detect a default printer on your computer.
You may have one or more printers installed, but your system may not currently be configured to recognize one of them as being the default (even if there is only one). This is most prevalent in Windows 10, where an update to that some time ago caused problems with this setting. It didn't happen in earlier versions of Windows.
You don't mention which version of Windows you are using, but regardless which one, you need to navigate to where your "Devices and Printers" are set up in the "Control Panel". Once you have your printer(s) listed in a window, right-click on the appropriate one and choose the option similar to "Set as default printer" and you should be set.
BTM-2017 (and other CDE products) needs to have a printer installed and designated as being the default, as it uses that information to produce various reports, even if you don't intend to print anything (work off the screen only, for example, or upload standings/results to the internet for viewing). Having a default printer selected should fix this issue.
You are not alone; several others have reported this issue. It is outside the scope of BTM/BLS, etc.
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Always check, download, and install the most recent update of your software to ensure that issues may have been corrected.

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