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Problem reported by Andrew S Webster - February 4, 2015 at 12:06 AM
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When attempting to print the weekly National awards, the list is blank.  I changed the pull down menu to show all weeks, and its still shows no awards earned.
I have gone through all the certification steps repeatedly, but can not find any reason they should not show.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Your post doesn't indicate a version number for BLS-2015. What version number are you using? (Current version is 27.06.03). Always helpful to do a check for software update first...if you already did that, you can disregard.
You say "all the certification steps". Did you either manually certify all bowlers individually based on how they paid through your league or another league/association, or did you opt for the setting to treat all bowlers as certified (this is the easy way out).
I do not have my computer with me where I can direct you to where these screens are, but if nothing else, these should give you something to start on until I or someone else can do so.
Also...the only national awards that will print will be 300/800/900 as those are the only ones USBC does anymore. Anything else is association or center level and has to be entered as such.
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Always check, download, and install the most recent update of your software to ensure that issues may have been corrected.
The USBC did away will almost all of the awards. The only USBC awards left are the 800, 900 and 300. That is the only awards that BLS will print. You can print a list of the "obsolete awards" if you toggle the switch on the weekly awards screen. From there is the only place that you can print those obsolete awards as BLS does not track the obsolete awards.
If you want to track them, you will have to set up those awards as local association awards or bowling center awards and set your rules to track those awards.
Hello, I'm having the same problems with awards for my leagues. The USBC awards and the local USBC association awards seem to function properly but I can't be sure since some of them haven't been won be anyone. I set up a couple center awards which have no association assigned to them so any bowlers apart of any sanctioned or non-sanctioned league can win them and they won't show up. The weird part about it is when I initially set up the center awards, they did work.
I'm running BLS 2015 A/S  version 27.09.05
Thank you,
Richard Cuomo
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Rick Cuomo

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Do you have your league set to record center awards in the league rules?

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