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Question asked by Ronald G Brookshire - October 29, 2014 at 3:28 PM
BLS 2015 Pro
TBrac 2006
I have used TBrac 2006 for our sweeper in Las Vegas at Sam's Town Las Vegas( it has  more available sidepots than BTM that we use). They have used my backup of TBrac to enter lanes assignments for our bowlers but do not use TBrac.
They Use BLS 2015 Auto Scoring and BTM 2013. They told me they could DL each game to  my BLS program. I am just trying to get the scores into Tbrac without entering them manually
Is it possible for me to download the scores from them without erasing my  sidepot entries.
I realize the new Tbrac isn't completed yet. Last year I circumvented by using BLS 2013 to enter names and averages into TBrac

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Currently, TBrac-2006 is not compatible with BLS-2014 or newer.  BLS does not support backwards compatible with the data files, so we do not suggest, nor offer any support, for data used in a newer major version of BLS being restored and used in a prior major version. There is a strong chance of data corruption, especially if the data is going from newer to older back to newer.  
CDE Software Staff
Remember to always make sure you've downloaded and installed the most current update to see if issues experienced have been corrected.

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