Is there a way on the weekly recap sheets to have the last three games, match points, average and handicap?
Question asked by Debra Magnuson - October 22, 2014 at 10:46 AM
I have gone over all the reports and haven't seen anything close.  I can get either average and match points or handicap and match points but if I select average, match points and handicap i only get the summary totals.  Any help is appreciated since this is the first year of being a secretary with no training, lol

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After re-reading your verbiage in your question, it looks like you've found your way to the Bowler Styles portion of reports and standings sheets. I wrote a lot in my comment above and I apologize (though I still think a terminology clarification is needed just the same).
You easily have the ability to customize those Bowler Styles. When you're in there, you need to click on "Your Bowler Styles" in the upper left corner of the screen so that it turns bright green, and you can see a list of styles below that with a number range of 1-40. Clicking on "Fixed Styles" changes that list to 81-120, which you can't change, so don't go there.
You can customize style #4, or any style you wish. Highlight the style you wish to customize, and a yellow button "To hide this panel..." should be clicked which will expose the current layout of that style.
You can scroll down the first column "Data items available for use" to see a plethora of items. The middle has a series of buttons to add a selected data item to the Style's current items (will add at the bottom), to remove from the Style, and others as marked. The right column will list just those items that are part of the current Style in the order they are to be displayed, and the blue buttons "Move Item" up or down adjust the order of the listing, which on the sheet are left to right.
The first thing I suggest is to look at the listed items and if there's anything you don't want listed, take them out now. If you don't care for the particular display of a bowler's name, change it now by highlighting the undesired from the right list, and clicking "Remove Item" and replacing it with the appropriate item from the first column, click "Add Item" and then moving the newly added item up to where you wish it to be.
While you may freely customize at will and I suggest experimenting, the specific items you ask for from your question above are located in the following places:
"Last three games" are labeled "Last Week's Scores" and in the left column, scroll down to a blue-colored/underlined section heading titled "Previous Week's Bowling". It's the very first item.
"Match points" are actually two items to be added: Above to previous section, a section title "Individual Match Points" has items labeled "Match Point WON" and "Match Points Lost". Add both, and optionally you may wish to also add "Match Points % Won". Note that these list season-total match points. If you only want the points that were won and lost last week, those are the remaining two items on this list.
To display Average and Handicap, you have multiple options. To simply display Average and Handicap, that dual item is within the "Important Average Data" section and is labeled "Current Ave & HDCP (if HDCP league)". Note though that this item will display the average used for match purposes; that is, if a book/entering average is being used at the beginning of the season, it will display the book average for that bowler with "bk" preceding it. This will also show if you use the item "Average" in this section. If however you want to display the current average for that bowler regardless of status, in the next section "Additional Average Information" either of the first two items can be used, "True Average" either with or without two decimal places.
After you get all of these items into your list, you may look through the others items and add/remove/rearrange at will. Some like to include the bowler's book average somewhere (I list to the left of the bowler name, for example); most include total pins and games (these things are in the above two sections) and some include personal season highs which are in the "Statistics" section. FYI, "High 10 & 30" will list both high game and series as a dual item...10/30 refer to the number of frames in a game/series.
On, you are welcome to look at my league uploaded under the ID of 6368 to see how I've arranged things...I include all of the items you're looking for and more, but not every option I mentioned.
Again, welcome to the world of secretary work and customizing your software! There are a lot of tools available at your hands...don't be afraid to ask.
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Always check, download, and install the most recent update of your software to ensure that issues may have been corrected.

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