Anyway to indicate bowlers affected by the pin-drop rule?
Question asked by Michael Tinney - September 24, 2014 at 2:09 AM
I have a league running match points and using the pin-drop rule which limits the averages. The secretary is happy that the rule is working, but would like an indicator on the standing sheet to indicate which bowlers are affected by the pin-drop rule.
I've looked around, but cannot find anything, which is likely since this is a non-standard rule. I'm hoping to tap the experience of those who have used the pin-drop rule. Do you indicate the affected bowlers in anyway? Possibly you have created a customized report? While I believe the secretary would like something like an asterisk on the roster listing, if I could supply him a separate report, that might work too.
I'm not sure that info is even available to us as users (the BLS software internals know), so have decided to tap the collective knowledge here. Any advice?
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There is nothing automatic, but there is a manually-controlled “see the secretary” flag that can optionally be displayed on the standings sheets (but not recaps).

In scores entry, or adjust team rosters, there is in each area the ability to flag such a bowler manually. Both are on the left side of the respective screens (in adjust team rosters, it’s the third from the top of the series of buttons along the left side, and in scores entry, it’s the second from the bottom in the "Bowler Actions" buttons found near the lower left) and in both screens, it is only labeled with two asterisks ( ** ). Both locations’ buttons, when moused over, will have a help balloon indicate that function.

Because it's a manual function, this flag must be checked each week to see who falls below this pin-drop setting and whose average for handicap purposes is thus modified.

Then, in order to have it show up on the standings sheet, in the setup screen (click ”Change” when previewing), click the second tab “Layout” at the bottom. On that window, in the center left thereof, is an area labeled “Printing Options” and the second switch reads “Indicate bowlers with pending notes”. Change that to a YES setting and on the standings sheet, two asterisks will appear to the left of the appropriate bowlers.

Again, this is a manual setting and there is no way to include these asterisks on the recaps (where I would prefer to have it, I admit).

This is only a partial workaround as nothing openly displays anywhere that a particular bowler's average for handicap purposes is higher than his/her current average...I would consider including the "True Average" item in a team roster listing together with the "Average" item (that shows the average used for handicap purposes) so that the rosters can be manually scanned...any time the two numbers don't match left of the decimal point, those bowlers will need to be manually flagged.
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I use the below average flag.  It shows the book avg. and real avg.   Seem to work fine.
I have
Book avg     Below avg flag    Pins   games  Last weeks series   avg.
It shows true avg a d a check mark
To Jon (& others),
    To be able to add the Pin-Drop flag (a check mark actually) to your standing sheets, you will need to customize your standing sheet since this is a non-standard rule and not on any of the predefined formats. If you have never customized a report or standing sheet, then start by looking at the BLS-2015 manual. It is available via the Help tab at the far right edge at the top of the screen. Then go to page 189, or via the Table of Contents going Reports->Standing Sheets->Layout.
    Once you are ready to modify your standing sheet, the closest instructions are on page 192. The element you want to add is under the 7th grouping called "Additional Average Information", and the element itself is "Below Book Average Flag" It becomes two columns labeled True Ave and Pin Drop when it appears on the standing sheet.
    Place it onto your standing sheet in the position desired and save the modified standing sheet off. NOTE: as the software will advise/warn you, this will change all instances of this standing sheet across *all* your leagues. So if you process more than one league and only want this for some, you will need to be careful.
    Hope this is enough detail for anyone familiar with the BLS report formats to add this detail to their standing sheets. If not familiar, take the time to read the few pages on the topic in the manual. It is well written and will help you quickly gain confidence in altering reports for your specialized needs.

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