Tournaments at multiple centers
Question asked by Ralph "Pete" Vetter - September 19, 2014 at 10:20 AM
BLS 2015 Pro v27.03.12, BTM 2013 Pro v6.53.01, MDB 2015 11.3.2, TBrac-2006 v3.56.02
I am interested to know if anybody has come up with a way to work a single tournament that has events held at multiple centers such as a State Tournament.  One center hosts the Team events and another hosts the Singles/Doubles events.  Our Association will be hosting both the BA and WBA state tournaments this season and I am interested in how to manage those tournaments using BTM without having to manually input 400 - 500+ team scores or the associated number of S/D scores for each tournament. 
3 of the 4 centers involved have the A/S version of BTM and I have the PRO version.  I want to setup each tournament on my (Association) laptop to manage the advanced registration and initial lane assignments and then provide files for each center to use while the actual bowling is taking place.  The question is how to merge the files back into the Association laptop to handle the calculations for All Events and to make payments at the end of the tournaments.
I talked with Nancy yesterday and she said that she didn't think it could be done but she also suggested that if there was a way that someone out here probably could help.  I can't believe that the software was not designed to allow for this type of file management.  Multiple centers hosting events for the same tournament is not new.
Any experiences or ideas would be welcomed.
Pete Vetter
Tournament Director, Northwest GA USBC

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At this time, this is not a feature supported.  This is on our list of features to look at for future versions of BTM.
CDE Software Staff
Remember to always make sure you've downloaded and installed the most current update to see if issues experienced have been corrected.
 I create another center and assign the events to each center.  Since I operate both centers involved, I can network between the two, but I still need to transfer the file back and forth, the network just saves me driving time.  
Create the tournament on your laptop, put in all registrations and setup.  Backup the file from your laptop and restore to each center involved.  This will allow them to download names to the scorers and retrieve scores when completed.  Of course you will want to test before running live.
When the bowling is finished for the day have the center download the scores from each squad, backup the file from the center with the Singles and Doubles and restore to your laptop.  (Singles/Doubles because it's the biggest pain to enter scores), Go to the team center, have them download the scores and print the results, it's alot easier to enter team scores manually than S&D.
The catch is...  once you processed scores from the first day, you will need a backup from your laptop and restore back to the center computer with the singles and doubles (team also if you made any lineup changes etc.).  If you don't, the next day, you will overwrite any changes you made on your laptop.
The only different thing I do that you won't be able to (unless they let you) is process everything on the Singles/Doubles center computer so I don't have to go back and forth.

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