an easy way to print standing sheets with alternate handicap percentages
Idea shared by Tom Reese - September 18, 2014 at 4:57 AM
I tried to move our league off of the 80% handicap but I was unsuccessful. I'm a new user and this might already be possible.
I'd like to be able to create standings sheets for different handicap percentages to show our league members that a 90% or 100% handicap system would not cause the world to end. I changed the handicap percentage to 90% in the league rules and then viewed the standings but nothing changed. The software apparently didn't do the recalculations.
it would be useful (to me at least) to have menu items for:
"print 90% handicap standings"
"print 100% handicap standings"

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I don't think that this is possible. It would require a huge amount of data to be stored for each different handicap.
One thing you can do to show people the difference, is go back to week one, change the handicap and go to the end of each split and print the standing sheets to show the difference. 
Make sure you have a backup of your current league in case something messes up the data going back and forth. (it shouldn't but you should always make sure of a backup, just in case.
What Kerry and Frank suggest is correct.  Frank's suggestion would be the best, in terms of making a copy of the league, at different points in time, then change the rule in the copy, go back to week 1 and forward, making sure the rule is changed, then comparing.
Many years ago, I actually kept and maintained 3 exact copies of a league, to compare the 3 methods of doing team handicap, to show the league needed to get off the stupid team handicap rule of "Difference between team averages".  After seeing that there wasn't really any change to the outcome of the season, as well as other benefits I explained, the league changed to sum of bowler handicaps method.
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