Unable to choose State&Local USBC fee.
Question asked by Tim Tkacik - April 15, 2017 at 7:00 PM
I had a bowler from outside my state bowl our league this week.  When I go into "Certify Bowlers" to indicate payment for USBC, I choose "already paid" and then "additional" in the card group.  I then get two check boxes.  One that says "Local Dues" that isn't greyed out and one box that has "State & Local" that is greyed out.  I need the State & Local box.  How do I get rid of the grey-out so I can choose that option?  Without that additional box, my amount paid in USBC would be off by the state fee not being included.

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If you uncheck the  already paid, the Local & State will un-grey and will be checkable.

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