League Bowling on One Lane
Problem reported by Tom Bruner - September 16, 2014 at 1:50 PM
Using BLS2015a/s ver 23.03.01
The fix in release 23.03.10 did not take care of the problem. I went to upload leagues to the front desk, click on options then unclicked bowl on pair of lanes and change starting lane each game. I could not click on bowl all frames on one lane as all options were grayed out. The only way I could click on bowl on one lane was to also check on bowl on pair of lanes.
I would appreciate any help you can give because I have 24 teams of Special Needs Bowlers that I have to change every time they bowl.
Tom Bruner
League Coordinator
Cordova Lanes
Cordova Bowing Center
Cordova, TN

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If you un-click, bowl on pair of lanes, then you should be bowling on one lane and the options should not be needed.
What happened when you exported the league? 
What scoring company and version are you using?
If you are using Vector Plus you will have to set up a different league "Style" in the Back Office settings and select that style when you issue the lanes.  
Let us know what system and maybe we can help.

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