T-Brac update release notes missing
Question asked by Tom Dale - March 26, 2017 at 5:38 PM
What has changed in version 3.57.04, released 3/17/17?

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I haven't seen version notes in TBrac, but there is a URL for them in the other CDE products as linked from the CDE Downloads page. Looking at the URLs for the other products: On a hunch, I substituted "/tbrac2006/" for, say "/bls2017/" and found a list at the URL "http://downloads.cdesoftware.com/tbrac2006/VersionHistory.txt";.
The last two updates both had just these two things:
o Misc bug fixes
o Library Updates
I know there's been talk about a new TBrac product, but there doesn't appear to be any hints as to what might be seen therein, and I'm not in a position to know.
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Always check, download, and install the most recent update of your software to ensure that issues may have been corrected.
Frank was spot on.  I've updated the downloads page to add the link to the readme for TBrac-2006.
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Remember to always make sure you've downloaded and installed the most current update to see if issues experienced have been corrected.
Speaking of which, where is the new TBrac?

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