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Question asked by Mary Kelley - March 12 at 8:27 PM
I had to get a new computer and everything set up correctly except I lost league awards. When I added clean games the program gave everyone a clean game. I went back to week 1 and then back to week 27 and it still gave all bowlers clean games. I actually lost all local awards and league awards.
BLS2017/PRO  version 29.06.01

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Kerry Federer [Team CDE] Replied
March 13 at 5:30 AM
The clean game must be set up as a miscellaneous award, not a score between xxx and xxx.
A miscellaneous award is one that has to be manually awarded.
Mary Kelley Replied
March 13 at 7:44 PM
Thank you. I had not set it up as a misc award.

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