How do I remove a fifth bowler from paying last two weeks fees
Question asked by Carl Figini - January 4, 2017 at 12:50 PM
BLS 2017 Pro V 29.05.03
Some teams have a fifth or sixth player who do not pay the last two weeks fees you used to be able to opt them out of paying the last two weeks I do not see that option anymore.
Thanks Carl

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The only way to do this is to make the fee optional and then set which of the four have to pay.
Go to Setup-> Fees-> Weekly and then select the "One Time Bowler Fees" tab (not the Last Weeks tab).
The second to the last column on the first line, change the "Y" to "N" and close the form.
This will make the Last Weeks fees optional but everyone on a team should be included already. You will just need to change the status of the bowlers that don't need to pay. To do that, go to the Weekly Fees screen and click on the "Other Fees" button. This will give you access to the field asking if each bowler "Will Pay Final Weeks" fee. Remove the "Y" from any that don't need to pay.
There might be a way to do this with a sub status if that doesn't hurt in other ways also. Marking the extra bowler as a permanent sub removes them from requiring the final 2 weeks.

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