Reprint of Scores - Additional Space Requested
Idea shared by Frank Goebel [Team CDE] - September 13, 2014 at 2:02 PM
Under Consideration
BLS-2015 PRO; 27.03.11 etc.
In reprint of scores, when all lanes are selected, I would like to request that space equivalent to one line of copy be placed between lane pairs (for two columns) or between teams (for one column). That could be an option similar to a standings sheet listing of team rosters (put a little extra space between teams). I wish that option appeared on a reprint of scores.
I am now preparing these reprints for captains' review and while I could easily print one pair to a page (and consume far more paper) I prefer to trim the larger full sheets down to each lane pair. But there is almost zero space (basically, the space between consecutive lines of copy. Trimming takes a bit longer when I have to be extremely careful with scissors (I don't trust a guillotine, but I might with a little space in between).
I have a 15-pair league and have sufficient space on page 3 (14" paper) or page 4 (11" paper) to fit 4-player teams (even if a few have one sub each on them).
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