Setting up local awards
Problem reported by Tom Bruner - November 14, 2016 at 2:47 PM
Not A Problem
Using BLS-2017 A/S ver 29.04.08
Trying to set up local awards for the triplicate award.
Assoc: USBC
Type Triplicate or : Triplicate
Freq: Once per season
age : 0
Score: 0
Must bowl: At least 12 games or book avg
Avg must be greater than: 0
Avg must be less than: 0
filter by USBC: yes
Award applies to men or women
This is the set up I have now and with a person bowling a triplicate and going under weekly and calling her up when I ask for undetected awards all of them I have set up shows except Triplicate.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Tom Bruner
League Coordinator
Cordova Bowling Center
Cordova, TN

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Triplicate awards, if setup as you described, will not be listed under the Undetected Awards. This is a detectable award and you won't have to do anything to have it awarded.

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