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Problem reported by Dusty Clark - September 12, 2014 at 5:55 PM
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BLS 2015 Pro 27.03.11
Our BA and WBAs are not merged so they have separate award programs.  The awards for the WBA are EXACTLY the same as the USBC awards last year.  The BA awards are the same except some of the average requirements have been tweaked.  So I went and created an "awards" category and made new award qualifications for all the awards.  The awards I created for the WBA are all labeled as "Award applies to" women only checked and filter by USBC marked as WBA.  The same for the BA awards but obviously marked to men and BA.
My problem is not with it detecting the awards, it did that perfectly.  It's when I go to print them.  I have "sort by" marked as "association."  When I click print award forms the awards for the men are mixed on the same page as the women.  Am I missing something or did this slip through the cracks?

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I believe that the sort by association sorts by USBC, TNBA, etc. not BA / WBA,.
You may have to set up custom reports and separate award lists and set up one for women's awards and one for men's men's awards. 
Otherwise, maybe they can code that into the awards file to separate by sex like the other USBC awards were. That will have to be something for a future enhancement.
From your description, I believe you created the your awards under the same tab. If you create the BA awards under one tab and the WBA awards in another, they will print out separately. Also they will not need to be filtered, only mark for men or women.
Be sure to select the appropriate award categories under Setup/Rules/Special Options.
I did as Jim suggested and created group for Women's awards and a group for Men's awards.  That made it worse, the men's award isn't showing up now.  The requirements are exactly the same as the old USBC 175 game award.  I have double checked and all fields are filled in correctly.
The strange thing is, his 175 award IS showing up as an obsolete 175 USBC award.
Edit:  I went back and added the "men's 175 game" award back to the women's award tab and it showed up.  Sounds like something in the code needs a little tweaking.
When you created the groups, how did you? Make a tab group for Men and a tab group for Women in the Awards Setup?
If you did, you need to go to your  Setup - Rules - Special Options and enable the Men's Awards.
You hit on it!!!  Problem solved.  I knew it was something simple

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