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Question asked by Brad - October 17, 2016 at 11:05 AM
I am confused on how to setup a tournament.
our association is running an open and a women's tournament together at the same time and place.
The open has handicap, scratch and senior divisions, team, doubles, singles and all events.
there are also side events derived from these: Team bonus: your highest game during team is used. Doubles Bonus: your highest game during singles is used. doubles Combine: highest game from doubles and singles combined.
women only bowl doubles and singles with all events.
Can I have all of these in 1 tournament or do I have to split the women off to a separate tournament?
Very confusing how to set up the rest. 
Can anyone help? Derived events and all events confusing

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You might be able to get as one tournament, but it looks more like two.
Open - Set up a team, doubles, singles event and an all event.   Set up the appropriate divisions on each event.
The derived events wont work for your needs.  It's meant to bring in ALL of the scores for the event being derived for.  It's not designed to be a sidepot event where the highest score is used or two combine the highest score from two different events.
You can have multiple all events, so you could set up one all event for the womens that only include the womens events and one that includes the open team, doubles and singles.
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