use of book avg instead of actual avg
Problem reported by Chery Cooper - October 5, 2016 at 6:04 AM
BLS-2017/Pro v. 29.03.09, Win 7
I've entered book averages for about 99% of my bowlers -- those who HAVE a current book, and left the default at zero in the bowler info module for those that don't,  Rule for season and weekly high hdcp is after 12 games.  At the conclusion of wk 4 (12 games) a bowler who bowled a 651 in wk 4 with 150 pins hdcp should be showing at 801.  However, the program is using the book average to calculate hdcp (100% of 220) which gives him fewer pins' hdcp and is showing his hdcp series as a 765.  I've gone back to week 1 and in every week made sure the Rule designation is Use Entering, Never Book, and the number of games is set to zero except for 21 games for book.  I've re-opened 2016 to see what settings I had there (it was calculating properly) and my 2017 settings are identical.  I've reviewed the online Help and still I cannot get the program to show my bowler's hdcp series at 801 instead of the 765 based on book avg/hdcp.  I entered "dummy" scores for the bowler in wk 5 since the program states "start tracking after gm 13 and back-apply..." but that did not affect the display of 765.  Does the program need all bowlers' scores entered in wk 5 before it can determine who has "season high series"?  It seems logical that that would be the case, but I'm double-checking.  Thanks!

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I haven't ever had to use the "back apply" average/handicap thing, and I don't have my Windows laptop (with manual) handy. But to back-apply, it may be necessary to go back to week 1 and then return to the current week to get the back-apply to be appropriately used in the early weeks. Again, I don't have experience here nor am I in a position to experiment with a test league, so I can't say for sure that this is how it needs to be applied, but this is what comes to mind.
If you need a different average/handicap applied in earlier weeks, you can always go back and override the individual bowler's average and/or handicap, though you'll have to do it for every game in the series for every week necessary. It's a bit tedious, but it would get the proper handicap score to show. This is something I've had to do in the past.
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Always check, download, and install the most recent update of your software to ensure that issues may have been corrected.
Okay. I'm a bit confused from your post. You state you entered book averages, but then set a rule to not use book averages. It seems that the software is doing what you set. If the averages are "entering" averages (like in my league where last year's average in our league trumps any other average), you need to put them in the Entering average field. If you put them in the Book averages field, but then choose to use only Entering averages, then they are being ignored by the rule you selected.
Please either clarify your post info or redo where you put the book averages and/or the rule, then reset to week one and then go forward again. It seems you are working against yourself, but never noticed it until this year's scores for a bowler revealed it.

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