Why are there no scores showing on my standing sheet for high game handicap or high series handicap?
Question asked by Deb Fickett - October 1, 2016 at 5:07 AM
It says, "Bowlers must have a minimum of 12 games (before bowling) to be listed for high handicap game and series." I have four weeks entered so there are many that have 12 games, but nothing is listed in these two categories on the leader board or individual standings. I am running version 29.04.01 with Windows 7.

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The (parenthetical term) says exactly what qualifies. You've bowled four weeks of three games, so now the most games any bowler will have is twelve...(before bowling) week five, after which bowlers will start being eligible, per the rule as written in your first sentence.
In the "Special Recognition" tab, when you have "Track handicap scores after the following number of games bowled:" set to "12", the next item reads "That is, start tracking when the bowler has bowled game" is automatically set to "13", which will be the first game of week 5, for those with perfect attendance.
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Always check, download, and install the most recent update of your software to ensure that issues may have been corrected.

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