League Average Statistics
Problem reported by Dusty Clark - September 21, 2016 at 4:16 PM
Not A Problem
When uploading my league to leaguesecretary.com I include as much stuff as I can.  This include the League Average Statistics. 
As you can see from my last update of last season using 16Pro here http://www.leaguesecretary.com/freewaylanesofparma/pncmixedleague/bowling/league/4299/2015/f/29/leaguefilesstandings.aspx page 9 has the league average week-by-week graph.  Page 10 has M/W L/R stats.  Page 11 has Team average vs. Ave of scores
Now this http://www.leaguesecretary.com/freewaylanesofparma/pncmixedleague/bowling/league/4299/2016/f/1/leaguefilesstandings.aspx is my first update of this season using 17Pro.  Page 8 has the league average week-by-week.  There is nothing after that.  I set the standing sheet options up EXACTLY the same as last season.  I know this because I had the old one open on my laptop and the new open on my main PC.  Am I missing something or did this feature change?
Edit:  I found it!!! On the layout tab its the "Additional items to print"  Doh!!

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