started my new league this week
Question asked by Leonard Frost - September 10, 2016 at 1:43 PM
and all reporst I print out look good
but on web for team schedule there are teams 13 14 15 16
also one of the teas has a bowler on the web and he has been completely  removed from the league
any help
would be great
Lenny Frost

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Okay. More info needed. What version of BLS-2016? There were many fixes implemented mid-to-late last season, so your fix might be already there. So are you running the latest BLS-2016 version (i.e. 28.07.05)?
You state "there are teams 13 14 15 16" Did you expect only 12? How many did you have last year?
Same for the bowler that left. Did you note that in the league? How?
All of the things you mentioned affected my league this season and the software handles them all quite well. Once you provide some more details, I'll be happy to step you through the necessary steps, even with references to the online manual you could reference on your own now  (it allows searches).
I'm guessing that your browser might be displaying the old uploaded data at the end of last season and that you looked online either before (if that's what you used) updated your league after the upload (always wait until you get the confirmation e-mail) or that the browser cache (memory) is displaying the old data and just needs a refresh (F5 in Internet Explorer...I am using Windows 7 in my case).
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Always check, download, and install the most recent update of your software to ensure that issues may have been corrected.
I see your league was 16 teams last year.  If so, did you to go to the "Utilities" tab, then under "Teams", choose "Remove Teams". You can then follow the prompted steps to remove teams 13-16.
This is how you reduce the league teams after a restart. This is covered on page 202 of the BLS-2017 manual. {I'm posting this more for others to follow.}
If you did this already, and have tried Frank's suggestion of clearing future week's data, and reposting, then I'm a bit lost on why you have the extra teams showing only on the schedule. Does that happen in your local BLS as well as the LS postings?

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